Mental Health

I know there are more than a few readers who follow me that are dealing with a mental illness. I felt like there was no time like now to write this post.

I need to write this post because there is a reader who follows me- dealing with a tremendous amount of issues is her life. I do know she’s suffering from a mental illness; whether she wants to admit it or not. Maybe she’s not even aware of it. I know she feels as though no one understands what’s going on with her- trust me; there are people who understand.

I understand.

Six years ago, I went through a dark period of my life. This dark period was a suffocating depression and I felt like I was never going to be able to climb out of it. I was almost hospitalized for a breakdown because I couldn’t handle what was going on. My doctor felt as though I was a risk to myself. At that point, I began to seek treatment from two different therapists.

It was the best thing I could’ve done.


I had a suicide note.

I thought this was the only way out of the dark hole. I thought nobody cared. I felt alone. Sure, six years later, I’m still struggling to make sense out of that dark period. I’m doing better because I know there are people who care.

To the reader who is suffering and may be reading this:

People care. Even when you don’t believe no one understands, cares or notices there is something wrong: they know.

Reach out for help.

Believe me.

Living in a dark hole of a mental illness is no way to live.

Reach out before you lose the battle.

Reach out to someone… anyone.

Someone does care.