Axon Optics Review

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”

As a part of my RRMS diagnosis, one of the things I frequently suffer from is terrible migraines. This can be sometimes a curse, believe me, I’ve had migraines where I couldn’t bear to be awake. I’ve been in the ER and my primary doctor’s office because of these migraines. I was even told at one point that I may have to start taking a Botox treatment to make them go away. To be honest, I’m in my early thirties and in no way, wanted to go the Botox route.

If you follow my Twitter account (TheMSLife), many of you know, I’d often speak out about my migraines and how I was losing the concept of everyday life because I couldn’t simply take my pain. I was sensitive to everything you can thank of. Light, noise… caffeine definitely didn’t help. I finally realized that I was going to have to deal with my headaches, my migraines. It’s just the way it was.

Then came (luckily) for me, along came Axon Optics.


I honestly wasn’t sure how this was going to work; in fact, it was the first time I had even heard about “migraine glasses”.  My sort of migraine glasses had always been the darkest pair of Ray-Bans I could find. However, these glasses did not work for me and I was so hopeful they would. They weren’t dark enough: I gave up and went back to my Ray-Bans to conduct myself outside or in the house even. They made me a little dizzy and my vision was blurry.

For someone who has Multiple Sclerosis, this made me uncomfortable. I was quickly aware of how these glasses could end up messing with my balance issues. HOWEVER, there were the times when I suffered a beyond painful migraine and I slipped the glasses on while at work. They do not differ much from my regular glasses outside of my contacts, and I felt relief instantly.

The bottom line everyone is wondering is “do these glasses actually work???” In my opinion, yes. I’d recommend them to anyone who suffers from migraines. Although they helped me on one or two different instances, they didn’t help me completely as I had hoped.

I definitely recommend anyone trying these glasses or wanting to try them to do what you think is best for you and your migraines. I hope they help others more than they helped me. They may work better. I’ve been a sufferer from migraines more of a medical natural for a long time and I was hopeful they would be a winner.




Extreme Heat & MS

As we’re soon to be hitting the near 100s this upcoming week on the East Coast; I felt this would be the time to discuss heat and multiple sclerosis.


“Studies report that about 60 to 80% of people diagnosed with MS show excessive sensitivity to heat. People with this neurological disorder experience a temporary exacerbation of their existing symptoms and also new disturbing symptoms when they are exposed to elevated temperatures. They are sensitive to even a slight increase in their core body temperature (0.25°C to 0.5°C) that may be due to physical exercise or a warmer environment.”. (Wlassoff, 2014).

What happens when exposed to extreme temperatures:

  • Fatigue is a common symptom and it is seen in nearly 70% of people with MS. Premature fatigue occurs in people with MS when they are exposed to even a slight increase in temperature. Weakness, especially affecting the limbs is also a symptom that is perceived during or aggravated by a temperature rise.
  • Central pain is another common symptom that worsens with an increase in temperature. Studies propose that the reason behind this may be the damage caused to the thalamus and the spinothalamic-cortical pathways leading to thermoregulatory dysfunction. Numbness is another symptom that worsens with rising core body temperature.
  • Cognitive functions in MS patients are also sensitive to heat. Memory problems, judgment difficulties, concentration difficulties and problems with other cognitive skills like language comprehension are more pronounced with the increase in body temperature. A recent study pointed out that people with MS demonstrated worsening of cognitive functions in warmer days.



Wlassoff, V., PhD. (2014, September 13). How Temperature Affects People With Multiple Sclerosis. Retrieved June 10, 2016, from



The World of Me…

I haven’t updated this in awhile because the heat has had me down and out. Of course, my migraines are back in full force. It seems like there is no relief for me in the migraine situation. Well, my neuro did suggest Botox injections. It sounds silly to get Botox for a migraine. I’m sorry, it does. I’ll hope that something helps soon. These crippling migraines are a little too much right now.

I’m in the middle of my employment situation. My previous job I left a week ago, well, they were well informed that I had MS. They said they were cool with it. Anyway, they could help me, they would. Of course, I’m going to point out when I think it’s a tad bit warmer than it should be in the building. I can’t control my body temperature. They knew this. As an assistant manager quit the week before, I walk into work and it is blazing. Someone has the thermostat way high. I felt sick. I felt dizzy. I couldn’t handle it. I simply thought I was going to die. When I asked for the heat to be turned down, no one ever touched it. I suffered for almost three hours before the other person I was working with noticed I was sluggish and turned the AC on. Needless to say, I quit two days later. Right now, I’m enjoying some down time. Kinda. The migraines.

Today, we finally laid my uncle to rest. His ashes to rest. I still feel empty about this. 5 months later, I don’t know how to … feel. Empty seems appropriate. 13310633_10153129529159364_4889025942678562647_n13339483_10153129529094364_5536415203061480594_n (1)13335555_10153129528984364_324781674203741895_n13315273_10153129529269364_3328635463381753577_n

After this…I came home to find out a friend I met while volunteering at The Salvation Army passed away from his heart condition today. He was 23. Due to get married in 2 weeks and was going to be put on the heart transplant list in 17 days.

It is another reminder that life is short.

Cherish everything.

Tomorrow isn’t promised.

Copaxone: Day 1

Yesterday was my first day on Copaxone.

I know most of you are reading this and are thinking “Been there.”

Well, I haven’t, because I was taking another drug. It was a hassle to get this one. Not just from my insurance company-from the pharmacy as well.

Anyway, I’m taking 40 mg of this drug and here I am, at work in the bathroom, trying to figure out how to work the auto-injector. I’m going to say this right now, What the fuck is the auto-injector for? I can give myself an injection. It’s not that big of a deal. Besides, the auto-injector looks like something someone is going to stick up their vag to either 1. orgasm themselves or 2. impregnate themselves. (Even my cousin thought this is what it was for).

Immediately after injecting myself, I prepare for the “heart attack” like chest pains my neuro matter of factly told me I’d face. No, no chest pains. However, I tasted pennies. For two hours.

Is this normal?

My sister came to my job and says “I’m wondering if the pharmacy finally delivered on your meds?” I told her I tasted pennies haha. She said she figured it was normal. I don’t care who you are, tasting any element of metal in your mouth– it’s not normal.

Anyway, as the night wore on, I felt a tad bit better. That was until I woke up this morning with a blinding migraine.

Copaxone hangover, I assume?

Well, I’m hoping this drug can do me some good. I will not be put on Tysabri. EVER. So if this drug or the next one doesn’t work… welp.. it is what it is.

What side effects did you experience with Copaxone?

Never Ending Migraine








In the Multiple Sclerosis world; this is nothing new… migraines are the reason why most of us got diagnosed.

Me? Migraines are how I know new lesions are coming about. How do I know this you ask?

Every time I have a migraine for over 3 weeks and I get an MRI– there is always a new lesion where a migraine was. Every freaking time. I can usually point to the place where my head hurts; and what do you know… there it is.

This migraine I’ve had for the past few weeks is taking away my quality of life. It’s the worst one I’ve had. I can’t eat. Sit up.. walk.. anything. Sleep relieves my pain: even that doesn’t help. So now, next week, I get another visit with my neurologist.

Yay for potential scans!